Wiki-leaks : Germany not satisfied with US assurance Ebola virus won't be weponized, seeks more guarantee

A new WikiLeaks cable reveals Germany has been demanding additional assurance from US army that proposed exported Ebola virus and other deadly diseases won't be used as a biological weapon.

Germany doesn't seem satisfied with earlier commitments made by US Army Medical Research Institute for Infectious Diseases, and seeks more guarantee. 

According to an unclassified cable , German MFA Deputy Head of Division for Export  Control Markus Klinger provided the following notification to US consulate's Economics Office, 

"Seeking additional assurances related to a proposed  export of extremely dangerous pathogens to the U.S. Army  Medical Research Institute for Infectious Diseases.  The  Army's end use certificate provided to Germany is lacking an  official seal. The GOG seeks assurances from the USG or US Army  that the end use certificate and the information contained  therein are legitimate and accurate". 

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German keeps an exceptionally restrictive approval policy for such exports and an approval here can only be given if recipient make a pledge and eliminate all the possibilties of using this import in production of biologic weapons.

Hamid Karzai's farewell Speech : Jibes for US, Pakistan , gratitude for India, Russia, China , Iran

US must be finding itself in an awkward position after the farewell speech of outgoing Afghan President Mr. Hamid Karzai , where he thanked it's arch rivals like Russia, China and even Iran but didn't give any damn to it's 13 years long war on terror and it's biggest ally on war against terror "Pakistan" . Mr. Hamid Karzai had a very warm relationship with India , he thanked India for it's generous role in helping Afghanistan in reconstruction and rehabilitation of in the past 13 years.

Russia conducting biggest military drill since fall of Soviet Union

While US and co. were busy in making plans about how to bomb terrorist strongholds in Syria and Iraq, Russia orchestrated the biggest military exercise since dissolution of Soviet Union. The 'Vostok-2014' war exercises involved about 100,000 servicemen, up to 1,500 tanks, 120 aircraft, 5,000 pieces of weaponry, military and special hardware, and up to 70 ships , and drill took place in Russian far east under the observation of 30+ countries. After confrontation with Western World over Ukrainian revolution and annexation of Crimea. Russia is set to It's armed forces battle ready and mobilize in case of any aggression towards its sovereignty

PLA must be ready to win a regional war : Chinese President Xi

Chinese President Leshiping Xi has called on the army chiefs and instructed them to keep Chinese armed forces ready to win a regional war . This call for preparedness coincides with China’s on going stand off around border with India. 

"The headquarters of all PLA (People's Liberation Army) forces should improve their combat readiness and sharpen their ability to win a regional war in the age of information technology," Xi said at a meeting with the country’s military elite, China’s official Xinhua news agency reported. 

China is getting increasingly aggressive on It's border with India. Even as China pushes Indian troops have started making tactical retreat at one of the 8 places of Chinese incursion. Chinese troops have several times infiltrated the Line of Actual Control (LAC) – a demarcation line between Indian and Chinese territory – in the Ladakh region without caring about the repercussions over the last week even that time when Chinese President himself was in New Delhi.

Israel shot down Syrian aircraft

More intriguing news coming from Middle - East!! Israeli defense forces has shot down a Syrian fighter plane by Patriot missile system on this early morning which was allegedly flying over Israeli-held- aerospace of Golan heights. Its not clear , this infiltration was done on purpose or an errant act. This is the first occasion since 1982 when Israel intercepted an Syrian aircraft.

US and partners pounding 'Islamic State' terrorist positions in Syria

Gates of hell finally open for 'IS' terrorists, US and It's allies have started conducting strikes on 'IS' strategic positions in Raqqah, in northeastern Syria. Supported by Arab world , first wave of attacks took place on Monday- night involving a large numbers of warplanes , bombers , predator drones and Tom Hawk cruise missiles.

Ukrainian Defense Minister claims Russia used nukes in E . Ukraine , Russia laughs

New twist in on going Russian - Ukrainian drama!! After returning from a pleasant trip to Poland , Ukrainian defense minister shocked the world giving a statement that Russian tactical nuclear weapons were used during the battle for Lugansk airport in Eastern Ukraine.

Indian - American next US ambassador to India

Mr. Richard Verma has been nominated by President Barak Obama as the next US envoy to India . In a first in history of Indo- US diplomatic relations, when an American- Indian will step into that role. Chair of US ambassdor has been vacant nearly a 6 months after the resignation of Nancy Powell after being criticized over alleged mishandling of Devyani Khobragade incident and having a slower approach to then PM candidate and current prime minister of India , Mr. Narendra Modi. 
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'Ebola' outbreak threat to world peace : UNSC

Well, I'd call it 'a rare phenomenon' , when a resolution is backed unanimously by all members of 'United Nations Security Council' , even if that resolution is not of political in nature but public health emergency. After the HIV/Aids pandemic , it was the second occasion when UNSC has addressed a public health crisis. In an emergency meeting on Thursday , the most powerful body of UN , the security council has declared the outbreak of "Ebola" virus in West Africa as a major threat to world peace, security and stability. 

Kingdom stands united , Scotland voters reject independence

Scottish first minister Alex Salmond’s dream of Free Scotland shatters , British PM David Cameron's nightmare over , majority of Scot voters have decided to stay in united kingdom in an epic independence referendum. 307 years old union with Britain was at stake following a landmark pro-Independence campaign but it's clear now 55% of Scot voters have voted to stay in a union. Voters were given with a question "Should Scotland be an independent country?" and were asked to choose between two options "Yes" and "No" at the 5000 different polling stations across the Scotland .
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