Case of Kalyugi Love : Man steals dog and TV from his girlfriend while enjoying their first date

Hahaha! Although I'm a single person but I've read many times that in love , lovers steal each others "Heart" but It seems in 'Kalyug' lovers find eachothers dog and LED TV more valuable than heart :D reading about a story of ridiculous first date  in New Jersey where boyfriend duped his girlfriend and ran away from her house, stealing expensive TV and her pet dog. 

BJP blocks access to it's website in Pakistan , NaMo still on

In a surprising move Bhartiya Janta Party silently blocked access to it's website in Pakistan which means now whenever any netizens from Pakistan will try to open BJP's website it'd get a message like that "Error 1009 The owner of this website ( has banned your IP address (---) on the country or region you are accessing it from." Interestingly BJP has blocked access to only it's official their Prime ministerial candidate Shri Narendra Modi's portal still can be accessed from Pakistan. 

Krantikari Thoughts : AAP to turn Varanasi into World Spiritual Capital

If comes in power , AAP'll demand world spiritual status for Varanasi , a senior Aam Aadmi Party leader told IANS on condition of anonymity. He said, "Varanasi is not only about Hindu religion, and is about all religions. Hence, we would demand a special package for Varanasi so that it can be called the world spiritual capital," Arvind Kejriwal will release party's manifesto on Varanasi's local issues in one or two days. Wonder why didn't he had such care for capital of India 'New Delhi' which he left just in 49 days, not even tried to complete half century no doubt Bahut krantikari,bahut hi krantikari ;)

Priyanka stands by Vadra

Ultimately Priyanka Gandhi comes out and speaks up in favor of her husband Robert Vadra , who has been blamed for benefiting from crony capitalism , by BJP and it's allies. During addressing a rally in support of her mother and Congress candidate Sonia Gandhi, Priyanka uttered that she would fight with all her strength against those forces who are trying to malign name of her family.

Emma Watson Unmasks!

The new hilarious video has taken web by storm. In this bizarre clip Emma Watson pulls off her mask to reveal Sofia Vergara in Mission Impossible style. Check it out on DESIFEET

Is North Korea ready to carry out another Nuclear bomb test

Hard Time for South Korea! While entire nation grieving over that heartbreaking ferry disaster, their nemesis North Korea is planning 4th nuclear test and heat up the entire region. Intelligence reports say North Korean officials stepping up activity at nuclear test site. It should be noted that North Korea carried out nuclear tests in 2006, 2009 and 2013 amid massive international sanctions. 

Holocaust single greatest tragedy in modern-day history : President Abbas

In an attempt to reach out the Jewish community , Palestinian President Mahmood Abbas , who has been often criticized by some Israelis politicians as Holocaust denier , publicly accepts the existence of Holocaust during a meeting with an American Rabbi , describing Holocaust as the 'single greatest tragedy in modern day history'. Here and now political pundits are anticipating he will deliver a message of condolence next week.

Nazi Ghost Plane Mystery Solved !

Bravo!! Finally Andery Nekrasov cracked the puzzle about that Nazi Luftwafe plane which is lying in a perfectly preserved condition at the bottom of the Black Sea near Odessa , Ukraine. Since it's unexpected discovery back in 2008 the plane was always surrounded by the mists of mystery. It's almost intact propellers , wings and no records about crash has given it the title "Ghost Plane" of Black Sea. But now after digging the archives , rounds of researches on the artifacts found inside the plane, Andrey and co. are claiming to have solved this long held mystery. Check it out on DESIFEET

Good News for BELIEBERS , White House out of comments on "Deport Justin" petition

Despite the petition signed by nearly 300,000 people it seems Justin Bieber won't be going back to Canada any time soon. "Thanks for your petition and your participation in We the People. Sorry to disappoint, but we won’t be commenting on this one ..." Yeah this is the official response from WHITE HOUSE to a petition to deport Justin Bieber from US. 

RIP LADEE , NASA probe kills itself in kamikaze style crash

Lunar Atmosphere and Dust Environment Explorer or simply LADEE , a NASA robotic probe , will probably be remembered by space enthusiasts as one of the most bad-ass explorer probe ever orbited the Moon. Bad-ass in sense , it had already successfully finished it's 100 days long primary mission and was on overtime , and other than this , LADEE incredibly survived the full lunar eclipse , something it was never expected to do because it's instruments were not designed to get though the phase of immense darkness and cold during the eclipse. Now , LADEE is no more. Check it out on DESIFEET

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