Activist Russian Christians announce decisive fight against the 'blasphemer' Manson

No takers for US Shocker Rocker Marilyn Manson in Putin's Russia . Government had to cancel his show in Moscow after massive protest from Orthodox Christian organisations and a bomb threat.  The self-proclaimed defender of Russian Orthodox believers and leader of the “God’s Will” movement Dmitry Enteo hailed this move as "The first victory in decisive fight against the 'blasphemer' Marilyn Manson". Manson is known for onstage controversial activities which include narcotics, sodomy, and insults to Christian faith during his concerts. Local administration was fearful that Rock Band's performances could ignite the riots as the religious Christians were already feeling offended. Follow DESIFEET on FACEBOOK and TWITTER

'Supremo Putin ' Limited edition smartphone!! Exclusively for flatterers and hero-worshippers!!

You know when you are in politics , and have been lucky enough to make a big name for yourself , no matters you or wish or not , a cult of personality gets developed around you and a massive fan-following trailing behind your back. This fan-following leaves no stone unperturbed in   showing off their love and loyalty for their dear leader. I don't know whether they do it out of love or just a sheer act of flattery but this obsession of masses could become a good source of income for those who know how to cash in on it . Still don't understand.. take the example of The Italian luxury brand "Caviar" they have launched  a US$4,325 priced gold plated luxury iPhone 5S which they address as ‘Supremo Putin’ or simply 'PutinPhone' because a hand-engraved Russian President Vladimir Putin’s portrait on it's 18 carat gold back, as well as the Russian coat of arms and the first lines of the national anthem. When asked what prompted the company to launch such an expensive phone in  the name of Russian President. Look what was their reply The most powerful person according to Forbes and Time – President Putin has come to symbolize the new generation, the leader of will and resolution.” It's interestingly they have launched this phone in the name of that leader who is considered as one of the least tech savvy in world politics . In an interview Putin revealed that he didn't like to carry any mobile phone. Follow DESIFEET on FACEBOOK and TWITTER  image : caviar

First batch of second-hand 'Russian Fighter Jets' delivers to Iraq

Good News for struggling Iraqi Army , Russia kept it's promise and delivered first 10 Sukhoi - 24 fighter planes to Iraq on Satuerday morning . The fighter jets landed today in the morning on different military airfields,” Iraqi defense minister said. Iraqi Gov. had to sign a deal worth a deal worth up to $500mn with Russia when US firms failed to fulfill their contracts and could'nt deliver F-16s to Iraqi Air force on time. If we believe on the words of Iraqi leadership , arrival of battle-tested SU-24s in civil-war would be a game changer . It will bolster the Iraqi air power and boost the morale of Iraqi ground troops whose counter offensive has so far been  almost ineffective against the brutal militants of ISIS . But before these fighter jets turn the tide of war in favor of Iraqi government , an important question remains unclear , who is going to fly these airplanes. Most of the Iraqi Air force crew have been trained by Americans with American equipments. Let's see what happens , but a as responsible citizen of the world it's our duty to pray for peace and stability in Iraq. Follow DESIFEET on FACEBOOK and TWITTER

image source : wikimedia

China keeps eyes on Mars , Rover by 2020

Chinese Space Agency planning to deploy it's first robotic rover on Martian surface by 2020. If everything goes as planned , this mission will be followed by a more complicated sample return mission within a decade. Addressing the 22nd International Planetarium Society Conference in Beijing, attended by scientists from 35 countries , Ouyang Ziyuan, head of the country’s lunar project said "our important goal is to explore life and detect solar systems beyond the earth’s reach. The programme aims to compare the origins of earth-like planets, along with the solar system’s formation and how it has changed through millennium." China currently operating It's first robotic moon rover "Yutu" which has already completed it's predicated 3 months long life-span and now on mission extension. FOLLOW ME ON FACEBOOK AND TWITTER

NASA announces new test dates for it's ambitious flying saucer

Rotating Flying saucers might not be science fiction anymore. NASA announces new dates for the test launch of it's ambitious saucer-shaped test vehicle "Low-Density Supersonic Decelerator (LDSD) which originally was scheduled earlier in June but bad weather conditions prevented the test. This technology will be game a changer in future mars mission including a manned one. I wonder from where they got this saucer shaped idea? weather balloons? :P

Hot Stuffs , Magnificent Solar Eruption in Full HD by NASA

On August 31, 2012 a long filament of solar material that had been hovering in the sun's atmosphere, the corona, erupted out into space at 4:36 p.m. EDT. The coronal mass ejection, or CME, traveled away from the sun at over 900 miles per second. This movie shows the ejection from a variety of viewpoints as captured by NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO), NASA's Solar Terrestrial Relations Observatory (STEREO), and the joint ESA/NASA Solar Heliospheric Observatory (SOHO). 

Mars Cursorily completes it's first Martian Birthday, sends back home a selfie

Heartiest wishes to Mars Curiosity rover on completion of it's first Martian year (that's equal of 687 Earth days)  on Red Planet. Rover celebrated it's Martian Birthday taking a selfie and sending it back to home for its millions of millions of fans. Curiosity's last 1 years has been full of new discoveries and adventures , just some weeks later of IT'S advent on Planet Mars , Curiosity successfully accomplished it's primary objective which was if Mars could have ever been able to sustain a life form.

Green Hornet " Seth Rogen" stirs up hornet's nest, North Korea vows retaliation.

The Interview - This is the name of that much awaited Seth Rogan and James Franco starer movie flick which has got the North Korean leadership crazy even before hitting the theaters. Set to release in October 2014 "The Interview" is a story of two celebrity journalists who visit North Korea to secure an exclusive interview with North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un. But soon after touching down in the hermit nation , they are contacted by the CIA with a plan to assassinate Kim Jong Un which they accept gladly.

Spanish Football Team plane hit by lightning

Bad Luck is not gonna leave Spanish Football Team anytime soon, even after the world cup debacle. The aircraft carrying the Spanish Football team from Brazil to home was hit by a bolt of lighting as it came into land at Madrid Airport. Thank God , footballers are alright , no harm came to them and plane was also undamaged. Airport officials told the journalists that weather was stormy around the Madrid. Well, After Spanish team's poor performance at world cup, social media is already buzzing with "f" words , memes are being created to poke fun at footballers , this way that bolt of lightning was only a reminder of what is awaiting for Spaniards at home.  FOLLOW ME ON FACEBOOK AND TWITTER

American- British adventure screwd up Iraq, Russian FM believes

Russian Foreign Minister  Sergey Lavrov thinks that the turmoil taking place in Iraq is the direct result of inappropriate actions carried out by the US and UK and now situation has slipped out of the hands. Referring to Gulf war 2 Mr. Lavrov told press
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